The Blessing

Blessings, like everything in this world, need to be given and received consensually. If you don’t like the idea of a blessing, allow me to simply wish you well.

A blessing in my tradition is an actual thing. It is a form of intercessory prayer that asks for the Divine in all its forms to come to the aid of the person receiving the blessing.

Although this is a recorded blessing, I asked, in my tradition, for this blessing to touch the heart and lift up any person who needed it. I hope you experience it as a form of support.

Note: Because I gave this blessing from the heart, it follows the general form, but the words do not exactly match the words of the blessing in the book. 

How do you feel after receiving this blessing? What do you notice?

Feel free to receive this blessing as often as you like. And also perhaps consider offering a blessing of your own to those you care about.

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