Heart-Centered Business

Healing from toxic business culture
so your small business can thrive

Healing from toxic business culture so your small business can thrive

Published October, 2023

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In Heart-Centered Business: Healing from toxic business culture so your small business can thrive, Sufi spiritual business teacher Mark Silver, M.Div. speaks to those who hate the toxic way business has developed, and want an approach to business that is as nourishing as it is powerful.

The effects of global business have brought devastation and injustice that no one wants. Instead, we yearn for beauty and real vibrancy in the world around us, and healthy heart-centered business must be part of the healing.

This book is a guide to doing business, your business, in a truly spirit-centered way. We need to, and can, realize the truth that every act of business can be an act of love.

About Mark Silver

Since 1999, Mark Silver has worked with heart-centered entrepreneurs to help them realize that every act of business can be an act of love.  Mark is one of the pioneers in integrating real spirituality with the  nitty-gritty of small business, he founded Heart of Business, Inc in 2001. A designated Master Teacher within his Sufi lineage, he has received his Masters of Divinity.
As a coach, teacher and spiritual healer, he has facilitated thousands of individual sessions with entrepreneurs and has led hundreds of classes, seminars, groups and retreats. His weekly writings and teachings are followed by thousands of people around the globe.

A fourth generation entrepreneur, prior to Heart of Business Mark ran a distribution business, turned around a struggling non-profit magazine, and worked as a paramedic in Oakland, CA.
Mohammad F. Anwar
“If you’re an entrepreneur seeking not just to succeed but to find love in your business, Mark Silver’s Heart Centered Business is the book for you. It’s an inspiring testament to the power of leading with love and falling in love with the business you’ve built.
“The book is a masterclass in love-infused leadership. It shows us the way to not only lead our businesses with love but also to fall in love with the business we nurture. A must-read for anyone seeking a deeper connection with their entrepreneurial journey.”
~ Mohammad Anwar
CEO Softway, and co-author of the best-selling Love as a Business Strategy
Mark Silver is one of the rarest of guides who combines deep business knowledge and experience with liberatory values and spiritual practices. Heart Centered Business will show you that you do not have to trade your well-being, ethics or values to have a thriving and sustainable business.
~ Pamela Slim

Author of Body of Work and The Widest Net

pamela slim
This is by far the best, richest, most compassionate and helpful guide to spirit-based business that I have ever read. It shirks nothing of the toxicity and danger of our current business environment, but also offers wise, deep and shrewd strategies and practices to avoid the prevailing darkness and make of business a light radiating balance and justice. It is come at the time when we need it’s vision the most, and I salute my friend Mark Silver for the elegance, humor, humanity and spiritual depth that he has brought to this crucial mission statement.
~ Andrew Harvey
Author of Sacred Regeneration
Too many people tension between being a good person and being a successful entrepreneur or business owner. Heart-Centered Business shows that we need not feel or play into the tension, for we can be both a good person and create a successful business that’s aligned with our values or heart. It’s an exceptional guidebook that’s equally practical, inspiring, and profound.
~ Charlie Gilkey

Bestselling author of Team Habits and Start Finishing

Charlie Gilkey

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Desiree Adaway

In this transformative book, Mark presents a new and liberatory perspective on work culture and offers practical strategies to counter oppressive work environments. By emphasizing the power of healing relationships with clients, partners, and yourself, this book inspires us all to shift towards a more positive and fulfilling work experience.

Mark taught me years ago that every act of business is an act of deep love, while also teaching me real ethical skills and systems for managing and marketing my small business. He taught me that love and justice can be deeply integrated in my marketing programs, sales strategy, and business development. This one lesson changed me and my business forever.

Books have the power to inspire and transform our lives and businesses. I found this book to be an enlightening read that helped navigate and reshape my own work culture in a healing and positive way!

~ Desiree Adaway

Founder and principle of The Adaway Group

No one has influenced my thinking and practice around business and leadership in the workplace like Mark Silver – he marries rare practical knowledge, counter-cultural intuition, deep integrity and joyful wisdom. His mentoring and friendship have changed not only my work, but my life. I’m so glad that the heart of Mark is now available in this book; it belongs wherever there are people trying to do good through the meaningful work they are called to.

~ Gareth Higgins

Author of How Not to be Afraid, and founder of The Porch Community

Gareth Higgins