The Remembrance is an ancient practice of the Sufis, one that has been used for centuries, and that I personally have taught to thousands of people from many different faith and spiritual perspectives. It’s simple, and it can be done in a moment, within a single breath, or one can take hours with it.

I’ve included three different guided audios to support you in different ways.

One is a general-purpose Remembrance, if you will, a good approach.

The second one, When You Don’t Feel the Remembrance, supports you if you have the common experience of not feeling anything when in Remembrance. There is a subtlety to our heart’s presence, and this remembrance can help you tune in.

The third Remembrance, A Simple Calling to the Divine, is similar to the General Remembrance, but has a sweeter, more intimate feel.

I encourage you to try at least one of them.

These three Remembrances are from the Remembrance Library in the Heart of Business Learning Community. Over the years, I’ve recorded over 300 different guided Remembrances that help our clients access their heart and inner guidance when facing different challenging situations in business.

I hope these three leave your heart nourished.

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