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How to spot the scammers and
avoid spending way too much on business coaching

Business training in particular is subject to this price inflation because being in business vulnerably touches both the deep dreams in your heart and your financial survival. This vulnerable combination is used to manipulate many unsuspecting business owners into taking on unmanageable debt for training that won’t help them.

To help you and anyone you care about avoid getting taken, I created this guide to cover three main points:

  1. Eleven common manipulative sales tactics, so they’ll have no power over you.
  2. The truth about business training.
  3. What is ethical pricing, and how it applies to business training.
Just click on the guide image below to access the PDF guide.

It’s my hope that this guide will save you, or someone you know from maxing out their credit cards, and being ensnared by unethical sales practices.

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